A fabulous four season footmuff to keep you cosy all year round!

The gorgeous Lodger Bunker is super cosy foot muff which can be used in any pram or buggy with a 5-point harness (fairly universal).  The Bunker has two layers, inner and outer, which can be used together or separately to make sure your baby is comfortable all year round.  In cold weather use both layers to stay super cosy, as the weather thaws you can remove the inner layer and still be snug.  You can also use the inner layer (booster) on its own as a soft pram fleece, much nicer than lying on nasty canvas!

Unlike traditional pram footmuffs which come as far as a childs chest or chin, the Bunker has a uniquely designed hood which provides extra comfort and retains your baby's precious body heat.  Parents tell us that babies settle and sleep better with their bunkers with no nasty draughts or breezes to make them uncomfortable.

Because of its large size and the preformed seating area, your baby can comfortably use the Bunker for a long time to come, usually up to around 3 years. This clever Danish design is make from high quality fleece and will wash and wear over and over, staying soft and cosy and good as new.

Honestly, if they made an adult size Bunker... well, I'd buy one!

Removable inner lining for Lodger Bunker (Booster):
You use the Booster as a warm inner lining for your Bunker in the cold seasons. The Booster can also be used as a soft and comfortable seat for in the pram, buggy and car seat.

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