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The amazing Happiness Planner is a planner like no other!  Instead of focusing on productivity, it focuses on “your happiness”.  It is designed to help you welcome more positivity, joy, and happiness into your life by applying the practices of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development.  The unique Happiness Planner is beautifully made and thoughtfully presented and makes a fabulous gift for yourself or a loved one.

On top of the typical daily pages, this planner is packed with questions and guides that help you become a happier and more positive person.

You will be encouraged to;

  • Set goals that will maximize your happiness level.
  • Practice self-reflection so that you understand yourself better.
  • Plan your life around things that truly matter with those who truly matter.
  • Start each day with an exciting and inspiring thought.
  • Cut out things that hold you back.
  • Train your mind to always look at the positive side of things.
  • Learn to master the art of resilience.
  • Strengthen relationships with your loved ones.
  • Spend more time and money on things that truly make you happy
  • Eat healthy and exercise regularly
  • End each day with gratitude

Undated 100-day edition

This lovely Happiness Planner comes with an undated 100-day calendar so that you have the flexibility to start the Planner whenever you like.  100-days is a perfect length to reap a new habit, a lifestyle change, or an attitude shift.  100 Days means 100 days of positivity, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development.

Inside the planner you will find:

  • Yearly pages
  • Weekly Overview/Plan
  • Weekly Reflection
  • 100-Day Daily Pages
  • 100-Day Reflection
  • Daily Inspirational Quotes 
  • Daily Focus & Goal Setting
  • Daily Notes & To-Dos
  • Daily Exercise and Meal Plans
  • Daily Reflection, Gratitude Log, and Positive Affirmations

Size: 210mm x 145mm (A5), Gold Foil Stamped Hardcover and Slip Case.


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