Our beautifulf Milestone Wedding Cards are a must-have for brides-to-be.  By helping to capture all the special moments from 'I do' to walking down the aisle, our Milestone Wedding Cards create a beautiful souvenir of this special time.

Featuring 30 photo cards to mark and remember every step towards the aisle from the engagement and the ring, setting the date, choosing a dress, booking the location, deciding the menu and cake tasting to ultimately, the "Today is the Big Day" card beautifully illustrated in a, whimsical and timeless fashion

In addition to the wedding planning cards, the set also includes special cards for couples to write in what they like most about each other and even a card to mark the bachelor weekend.  For the heartfelt gesture of asking friends or family to be one’s bridesmaid, the set also includes “Will You be my Bridesmaid?” cards that can be given in person, captured via photo and shared or sent to be saved as a beautiful memento.

Conveniently each card has a line for the date to be added that the future Mr. and Mrs. can date and use to accent a photo, add to a scrapbook or to simply add the date and put the card back into its keepsake box to store and open up later to relive those memories for years to come.


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